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The Wascott Tourism and Development Association was organized in January of 2000 after several business owners realized the need for cooperation in the business community. Their goal was to increase the flow of customers throughout the Town of Wascott , coordinate events so they did not overlap, and to have a presence in the community as a unified voice for businesses. 

Many promotions have been sponsored by members of the Association. One of the first group efforts was the design and building of Visitor Center Literature Racks for purchase by members to place in their businesses. New directory signs were built to put on the highway to help visitors to our area find their way around. Each spring and fall a Calendar of Events is printed to inform customers about what is happening in the area. The members of the Association in conjunction with the Town of Wascott purchase annually a ad in the Wasburn County Magazine every year which directs much business to the Wascott area. In addition, the members have sponsored various poker runs and recently had great success with the Summer Stampede which takes place over the entire summer. Also, Wascott Tourism and Development Association gift certificates enable the businesses to encourage travel within the area. 

Finally, our Association has been very active in the community. Through a sizable donation to the Wascott Area Children’s Christmas Party, over 100 children each year enjoy a party with gifts and food on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Also, the members of the Association have donated generously to the Northwood Education Foundation Silent Auction to benefit the local school district, Also the Members of the Association make

generous donations to the local food shelf with their food drive. The Wascott community recognizes and appreciates the value of this organization.


P.O. Box 112

Wascott, WI 54890

Tel: 715-466-2805

Jon - WTDA President

Wascott Tourism and Development Association

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