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Restaurant, Bar, & Convenience 

Welcome to Wascott!
You are sure to find great food, fine hospitality and a thriving nightlife!
Check out all Wascott has to offer right here. 

16640 S Flowage Rd, Wascott, WI 54890

I16095 S Chipmunk Hollow Rd. 

Wascott, WI 54890

16025 S Crystal Lake Rd. 

Wascott, WI 54890

7441 E County Road Y

Gordon, WI 54838

15993 S Crystal Lake Rd. 

Wascott, WI 54890

16666 S Flowage Rd

Wascott, WI 54890

16310 S Highway 53

Minong, WI 54859

W6649 Nancy Lake Rd

Minong, WI 54859

7194 County Rd T  
Wascott, wi 54890

golden chipmunk.jpg
golden chipmunk.jpg

6773 E County Rd T
Wascott, WWI 54890

14633 S East Mail Rd
Wascott, WI 54859

16095 S Chipmunk Hollow Rd, Wascott, WI 54890

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